The Author: Steffen Pichler

The author of THE GOLDEN SPRINGTIME, Steffen Pichler, has spent many years hunting and gathering in nature, far from civilization. Over two decades, he has traveled thousands of kilometers of the most remote coastal regions of various continents on solo sea kayak trips, much of it on the uninhabited far northeast coast of Australia. Reports of his encounters with saltwater crocodiles, the largest reptiles on the planet, have been published internationally in numerous media. Due to the peaceful nature of his presence, causing very little disturbance, alone with a 60 centimeter narrow boat with no motor, he encountered the reptiles on a daily basis in many different situations and got to know them well. His documentations of their deeper ecological interactions have been used on various occasions by scientists, such as in lectures in the departments of Herpetology at several universities. It has also often been acknowledged that no one has taken more authentic photographs of large saltwater crocodiles directly at or in the sea.

For Pichler, the large crocodiles eventually became the decisive trigger for far-reaching insights into the overall context of living nature, which is why they always play central roles in his books. (see below: pictures by Steffen Pichler.)

The core of his findings on the saltwater crocodiles, considering all characteristics and behaviors, is that although they are endowed with great physical power and outwardly fearsome looking, they cause such little disturbance and damage to weaker organisms and the entire ecosystem, that this could not be further reduced, even theoretically, for an apex predator at the absolute top of an ecological food pyramid. Moreover, since crocodiles as a lifeform have successfully occupied this top position longer periods of time than any other lifeform, they must have undoubtedly adapted via evolutionary selection to fundamental natural laws ordering the entire ecosystem. A direct exploration of the (without deeper reflection at first not easily comprehensible) core of the saltwater crocodile is available at:

Based on his insights around crocodiles, Steffen Pichler concludes in his books that not only are the representational laws of nature easily recognized in the behavior of these reptiles, but they have actually ordered the entire ecosystem of the planet since its beginnings. Their vital impact could also be verified empirically in many ways, but instead, it has been actively hidden and suppressed within the system of civilization, including the natural sciences. The subconscious motive for this lies in the relationship to the organisms exploited in agriculture and in particular to the animals there. Pichler proves that the indirect core cause of all current escalating problems lies in this suppression of key elements of reality and that, without quick enlightenment, a man-made collapse of the global ecosystem, including its self-destruction, will occur in the very near future. However, the author always also describes concrete ways in which this enlightenment might perhaps still be possible now. (s. also section of this journal: enlightenment)

Note: Preceding his expeditions in Australia, Pichler made contact with traditional landowners of different tribes of the Aborigines and was granted permission to enter the country, because he was alone and assured respectful behavior in every regard. Exceptions to this permission were certain sections of the coast where he never landed. In the course of his travels the author always used press interest to support the interests of the traditional landowners as well as to promote the protection of the coastline from industrial developments (see below: Excerpt from the Torres News (Thursday Island) of 24 November 2004).

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