THE GOLDEN SPRINGTIME - The ultimate Science Thriller

In the year 2038, while famine, disease and escalating environmental destruction are already raging, an avalanche of extreme viruses, fungi and other parasites suddenly breaks loose in a total surprise, capitalising on mankind’s misguided agricultural practice and genetic engineering. Civilisation is on the brink of the final collapse, but a desperate lie told by world leaders, offering a fantastic future to the condemned, creates a bizarre euphoria: The Golden Springtime of Man.

While terrified humanity is temporarily appeased and exhilarated, in the background of the events every word, theory and equation ever written down in the history of civilisation is desperately re-examined for fresh wisdom. This secret search for salvation, in which all leading scientists and a supercomputer system are involved, eventually leads back to 1890 and unearths writings of a spoilt, aristocratic, English adventurer, who once journeyed to Australia to boost his ego and capture the biggest of all crocodiles. What he found instead, as one of the few white men to make deepest contact with Aboriginal hunter-gatherer tribes, was enlightenment that would radically expand humanity’s knowledge and perception of the laws of nature and demand life as we know it to change. Now, for the very first time, civilisation is truly enlightened. But is there enough time left to change everything and stop the apocalypse?

THE GOLDEN SPRINGTIME offers well-founded answers to the most fundamental questions. This is done within the framework of an exciting and realistic story that alternates on two timelines between the last pure hunter-gatherers in Australia at the end of the nineteenth century and the self-induced collapse of civilization and the ecosystem in 2038. The view takes the reader deep into the evolutionary and genetic foundations of life. But it is also directed, building on this, above all, to the very large, intense and equally enjoyable horizon of experience of all the freely evolved living beings that have populated the beautiful planet Earth for hundreds of millions of years on precisely these foundations.

Note: The ultimate science thriller THE GOLDEN SPRINGTIME delivers a harsh and well-founded critique of civilization and, in particular, its perverted treatment of the organisms used in agriculture and genetic engineering. For some readers this could be disturbing or they might even get the impression that they themselves are being criticised personally, e.g. if they are involved in agriculture. But the approach is not meant that way at all. It is in not at all intended as a personal criticism; it doesn’t matter whether you are a farmer or an employee in the genetic engineering industry, for example. It is only about the fundamental and systematic connections.


Author: Steffen Pichler
Editors: Hayley Sherman, Jürgen Hornschschuh (German Edition), Miriam Rathke (German Edition)
Book Cover: David Krüger
Layout: Claudia Waigel

ZEIS Publishing, Frankfurt am Main, Germany (

ISBN (Print): 978-3-947430-49-9
ISBN (Epub): 978-3-947430-50-5

The print editions of the ultimate science thriller THE GOLDEN SPRINGTIME are printed on 100% recycled paper and all materials (paper, glue, inks, etc.) are free of animal components.